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UCLA Institute of American Cultures

Title: AssistantProfessor
Department: Education

Current Project(s):

  • My research and teaching interests are focused on partnerships between teacher education programs and the students, families, and communities they serve. In working towards modeling more democratic, less hierarchical teacher education programs, I am interested in:Community-based teacher education programs working towards social transformationPre-service teacher learning, particularly teachers of Color, and their conceptualization of the work of teachingThe intersection of learning theories, critical pedagogies, and the history of schooling as a space for both reproduction and revolution

Available Publications/Books:

  • Guillén, L., & Zeichner, K. (2018). A University-community partnership in teacher education from the perspectives of community-based teacher educators. Journal of Teacher Education, 69(2), 140-153.
  • Guillén, L., Gimenes, C., & Zeichner, K. (2016). Teacher education for educational and social transformation. In J. Loughran & M.L. Hamilton (Eds.). International handbook of eacher education, Vol. 2, pp. 239-272. Singapore: Springer Singapore.
  • Zeichner, K., Bowman, M., Guillén, L. & Napolitan, K. (2016). Engaging and working in solidarity with local communities in preparing the teachers of their children. Journal of Teacher Education, 67(4), 277-290.

Tagged: Education, Pedagogy, History