Policies during COVID-19

List of allowable non-travel items

Hiring ( applicable to Faculty and Staff applications only )

  • GSR
  • Student workers

Gift Cards/Incentives for Research Participants

  • Gift cards
  • Delivery Fee
  • Administrative fees for processing requests
  • Non-cash awards (tangible items)
  • Delivery Fee
  • Administrative fees for processing requests

For more information on gift cards, visit:




  • Media production (e.g., film editing, sound-mixing, etc.)
  • Transcription Services


  • Subject to approval. IAC generally does not allow graduate students to hire transcribers or use transcription services, as this is considered part of research training. An exception can be made for materials in foreign languages or for a large number of audio or visual content, but the applicant must provide a justification. In the case of numerous interviews, hiring a transcriber may be necessary to complete the project in a timely manner, but it is important to know if the student will take part in some of the transcription work as well.
  • This is not reimbursable expense. You will need to obtain an invoice and W-9 from the company and work with the Center administering your grant to process a purchase order or check payment. Per UCLA Policy 741, professional services are unallowable for personal reimbursements/LVO’s and University Pcards.

  • Translation Services

Note: You will need to obtain an invoice and W-9 from the company and work with the Center administering your grant to process a purchase order or check payment.

  • Consultants/Freelancers

*If allowed by IAC and if the service provider is eligible to become a UCLA vendor per UCLA Purchasing and Accounts Payable policy. Consult with granting center. Potential vender will need to provide a social security number or business ID number and other required information.

Office supplies

Medical supplies

Research supplies



  • Note: Technology equipment purchased with grant funds will become property of the granting center.

Software and Subscriptions

  • Note: Faculty and students interested in purchase of software should verify licensing agreements with UCLA. Some software items need to be ordered directly through UCLA and are not allowed as personal reimbursement research expenses.

List of allowable travel items with certain restrictions

Prior to submitting your budget proposal, ensure that travel is allowed to your destination during your proposed travel dates.

CDC Travel Guidance

LACDPH Travel Advisory and Guidance

For information on international travel, visit the U.S. Department of State’s travel advisories page.

UCLA Testing for Travel Clearance

The no-cost testing paid for by UCLA was not implemented to provide documentation for domestic/international travel.If you need a COVID test to certify for travel, we recommend finding a community lab that will complete testing within the timeframe needed, and provide a certificate for travel. The IAC research grant does NOT cover COVID-19 testing costs.

COVID-19 Testing for Holiday Travel: https://www.studenthealth.ucla.edu/covid-19-testing-holiday-travel


  • Hotel
  • Motel
  • Renting
  • Airbnb
  • Host gifts – When a traveler lodges with a friend or relative while on official University business, a non-cash gift such as flowers, groceries or a restaurant meal may be provided to the host/hostess. Only one gift per stay may be provided to a host and the actual cost of the gift may be reimbursed, up to $75 total. IRS regulations stipulate that a receipt must be provided for gifts costing $25 or more.


  • UC Travel Center
  • Reimbursement on airfare
  • Baggage fees


  • Mileage (only personal vehicle) – mileage must be under the amount of an airfare ticket to destination
  • Rental Car
  • Gas (if rental car is purchased)
  • Ground transportation
  • Bus/Metro passes


  • Per diem < $79/day
  • Groceries
  • No alcohol


  • Food for participants: requires attendees list and itemized receipt