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UCLA Institute of American Cultures

Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Geography

Current Project(s):

  • Latino Politics and Policy Initiative; Juan Herrera is a human geographer that specializes in social movements, spatial theory, race, and sexuality studies. His research includes analysis on Latino immigration and community formation, the impact of gay rights on transnational migration and Latino community understandings of sexuality, and how nonprofit organizations negotiate urban racial subjects’ relationship to state institutions and social movements. He is currently working on a book manuscript entitled Care is Political: Social Movement Activism and the Production of Space which traces the historical transformation of grassroots 1960s organizing into institutionalized agencies.

Available Publications/Books:

  • Herrera, Juan. (2015). “Spatializing Chicano power: Cartographic memory and community practices of care.” Social Justice 42 (1), 46-66.
  • Herrera, Juan. Care is Political: The state, philanthropy, and the making of Latino nonprofits. Book Manuscript.

Tagged: Immigration, Public Policy, Transnationalism, Social Movements, History