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UCLA Institute of American Cultures

Title: AssociateProfessor
Department: School of Public Affairs/Social Welfare

Current Project(s):

  • UCLA Interdisciplinary and Cross Campus Affairs; Dr. Iglehart is investigating the quality of life of individuals after they have aged out of foster care. Her research, as well as that of others, shows that numerous former foster care individuals are at-risk for negative outcomes such as homelessness, substance abuse, welfare dependency, and incarceration. Another aspect of Dr. Iglehart’s work addresses the history and development of non-clinical social work that includes social work practice in organizations, communities, and policy settings. As part of this focus, she is studying the organization, structure, and service delivery patterns of community-based agencies; inter-agency cooperation;and the development and effectiveness of collaboratives. She seeks to identify those policies and practices that facilitate inter-organizational relationships.Dr. Iglehart’s work also emphasizes the role of social justice in the service delivery process.

Available Publications/Books:

  • Iglehart, A.P. & Becerra, R.M. (2011). Social services and the ethnic community – history and analysis. Second Edition. Long Grove: Waveland Press.
  • Iglehart, A. P. (2009) Managing for diversity and empowerment in human services agencies. In Patti, R. (Ed.) The Handbook of Human Services Management. Second Edition. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 295-318.

Tagged: Social Welfare