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UCLA Institute of American Cultures

Title: Associate Professor
Department: Gender Studies

Current Project(s):

  • UCLA International Institute; Her areas of research and teaching include comparative slavery; political and intellectual movements in Cuba, Latin America, and the African Diaspora; gender ideologies in the Caribbean, and black feminist thought.

Available Publications/Books:

  • Finch, A. (2015). Rethinking slave rebellion in Cuba: La escalera and the insurgencies of 1841-1844. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.
  • Finch, A. (2014). “What looks like revolution": Women and the gendered terrain of slave insurgencies in Cuba, 1843-44. Journal of Women’s History 26(1), 112-134.
  • Finch, A. (2010), Scandalous carcities: Black Slave Women, Plantation Domesticity, and Travel Writing in Nineteenth-Century Cuba, Journal of Historical Sociology, Vol. 23, No. 1: 101-143.

Tagged: History, Social Movements, Gender/Sexuality, Transnationalism